Grandfather Anonymous is COMING BACK!

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous.

This has been in the works a good long while. Grandfather Anonymous never did much when it was traditionally published. I don’t blame the publisher, and I don’t blame myself, but there were definitely things that could have been done differently. It’s a strange thing, this publishing business, especially in the year 2020.

So, when the publisher offered me the rights back, I took the chance. With the sudden start of my self-publishing career (wow it’s been a year since my layoff), this seemed like a good opportunity to put together a relaunch. I crafted a new cover, reedited the book, and I’ve done everything I can to give Grandfather Anonymous another swing for the fences.

The trick is going to be getting it into more readers’ hands, getting those critical reviews, and giving it a chance to really shine.

And now it’s time.

The relaunch is scheduled for July 5th. You can now preorder anywhere ebooks are sold, and the hardcover is up for preorder on Amazon. I’m already very happy with how preorders are going. It has more than twice as many preorders of any of my previous books. That might be the special launch pricing of $0.99 or it might be the fact that something that drifts more toward technothriller has a bigger draw than my other books, which are solidly in the sci-fi category.

Either way, I have high hopes for this book, and how well this does in the next few weeks is going to weigh HEAVILY on my decision of what to write next.

So, head over to the Grandfather Anonymous book page for links and details on next week’s big relaunch.

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