Gencon 2010

Captain America walks next to Solid Snake, a Big Daddy lumbering in their wake.  Two Links pass each other, acknowledging each other with a nod.

This is Gencon.

There are a good many things I like about this convention.  The hours of the day are packed with fun, breaking only for that pesky interruption of sleep.  From DnD to board games my hours were filled with good people playing great games.

The seminars I attended were informative, and may have sparked a dangerous interest in freelance writing, an interest which has been slowly creeping up over the past year.  The presence of so many normal people whose writing earns them money makes me think that it might just be a possibility for me.  I love writing, after all, I see no reason why I shouldn’t get paid for it.

I learned that the next year of DnD will feature very few books of interest, making me a little bit more exited about this year’s video game line-up.  After all, if I’m not squandering my money on Dungeons and Dragons then it has to go somewhere.

It was a great trip, and a good chance to get away.

I did miss the family, though.

I am glad to be back.

Let’s see if that feeling continues tomorrow when I get to work.

2 thoughts on “Gencon 2010”

  1. None that I know of.. I think you’re stuck with WoW for a good long while. I’m pretty much sticking to console games these days, but might pick up Starcraft 2 once I get a new computer. Oh, and Civ 5 is probably a must-buy for Carol.

    I sense impending conflict, since those both run on the same machine.


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