There is some pretty exciting news for Fred today. A couple days ago Carol and her mother took Fred to Dairy Queen, not knowing exactly what they were getting into. They left the house intending to get ice cream on a hot summer day. What they got was a trip to The Norman Rockwell Zone.

A man driving a truck backed into a garbage can because he was concentrating on his ice cream cone. A man buys his five year old daughter an ice cream cone, a cone which is too big for such a small person. The Man From the Paper pauses in the sweltering heat to take a picture of a giant dog eating an ice cream cone after the girl convinces her father to feed it to the dog. This is The Norman Rockwell Zone.

So, anyway, Fred’s picture was in the paper. You can see the online version of the photo here or here.

In case those links go away I’ve saved his picture minus the article:
Fred finds a new best friend.

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