Eyeballs Needed

I’m collecting eyeballs. Ones that read.

I write, so I suppose it’s not a surprise that I want readers.

I’ve written my next book. I’ve revised it. Once. It needs more and is far from perfect, but this time around I’d like to get some eyeballs on it earlier in the process. More eyes will find more problems. The earlier these problems are found the easier they will be to fix, especially if we’re talking about logic holes or wonky characterization.

That’s why I need beta readers. Beta readers are those brave souls who agree to read an unfinished book so that they might make it better. Beta readers are an author’s first chance to see how well things work. Beta readers are absolutely critical in the writing process.

You don’t need to be an author to beta read. You don’t need to be an editor. You don’t need to have ever met me. All you need is some small interest in my book and a willingness to take some notes as you read. I’ll probably have a few questions for you to answer along the way. Honesty is the most important requirement.

Still want to sign up?

Join my mailing list.

I’ve added a checkbox for beta readers. It won’t be around forever, but for a limited time you are now able to sign in to be on my extra special list of beta readers. If you’re already on the mailing list, just contact me via Twitter, The Book of Faces, or G+. I’ll get you added to the beta list.

My next book won’t be out for months. Take this opportunity to get in early and you’ll get to see it way, way early. You’ll even be able to help fix it if it’s broken.

Of course, if you have no interest in beta reading and just want to know when the book comes out then feel free to sign up for the list, anyway. Just ignore all that Beta Reader nonsense. I’ll try to collect your eyeballs and opinions later when the book has been published.

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