I am a lurker. I rarely comment on the blogs I read. Most of the time I find myself with nothing to say. Often I am afraid to comment because I might offend someone. But there is a time when lurking is not allowed. There is a time when all blog readers must make themselves known. I hear tell that the time of Delurking is upon us.

So please, leave a comment on my blog. Everyone who leaves a comment gets a free cookie. It doesn’t even matter what you say.

Free cookie.

Think about it.

14 thoughts on “Delurking”

  1. I am guilty of being an Eichenblog “lurker”. But if you are giving out free cookies, I am all about outing myself! (You might want to send mine express in bubble wrap to St. Louis. There is nothing I hate more than a stale crumby cookie.)

    Much love and keep up the blogging!

    Maureen (Rauscher) Gibson

  2. I guess I have to leave a comment too, even though you’re sitting here watching me leave a comment. I bet nobody knew that I read your blog.


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