Crushed Accomplishments

I thought I had accomplished something.

It was one of my greatest achievements; it took years of dedication and required an immense reservoir of willpower. There were times when I nearly gave up. There were times when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

Somehow I made it through.

When I was finished it was like I had finally closed one of the darkest chapters of my life.

I had watched every episode (and the movie) from every season of the hit television show 24.

This is like a nightmare. It’s like one of those stories where the lead character refuses to give up and he fights and fights and fights only to finally come out with the victory… Then we realize that the fight isn’t over.

24 is back.

I seriously have my doubts about it. After all, doesn’t it seem like maybe they’ve missed one of the key defining factors of the show by scheduling it for a mere 12 episodes? I’m expecting the voiceovers in the beginning of each episode to say something like, “My name is Jack Baur, and this is the worst late afternoon to early evening of my life.”

I’ll probably watch it.

That doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it.

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