Cover Reveal: Peace in an Age of Metal and Men

*emerges from underground writing bunker*

Oh, hey, everyone. It’s been a while. I’ve been down there working the Novel Forge all winter. Haven’t really been paying attention to what’s happening topside. I trust you all have been taking good care of everything?

*reads news*

*slinks back into bunker*

*emerges wearing football helmet and kevlar vest*

So, anyway, I’ve been working on a lot of projects lately. Writing. Lots of it. Even better, though, is that I’ve had some artists working on covers for me because Peace in an Age of Metal and Men is SO CLOSE.

How close?

Well, take a look at the cover:

Peace in an Age of Metal and Men
Peace comes to Texas



Yeah. Pretty close. Stay tuned, ok?

*returns to bunker*

Peace in an Age of Metal and Men

Something ain’t right in the town of Swallow Hill.

A boy’s cold blooded murder yanks J.D. from his life of peace. Guilt at past failures drives him, but soon the problem in Swallow Hill proves to be too much to solve alone. Problem is, there’s nobody he can trust: not his old war buddy, not the sheriff, and definitely not the good-looking gentleman from the city. Seems everyone around wants him to shoot someone else.

J.D. has to decide: is he going to go in guns blazing or is there a better way? Can there possibly be Peace in an Age of Metal and Men?

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