CONVergence 2019 Schedule

It’s CONvergence time again! This is such a wonderful con for me every year and I’m super excited for my lineup. Going to be there? Find me around on July 6 and 7.

Saturday, July 6:

  • 9:30 – Hugo Nominees – Hyatt 2 Greenway B – Let’s review recent Hugo nominees and what kind of works are getting the nod.
  • 11:00 – Creating Tiny Imagined Spaces – Hyatt 4 Great Lakes A2 – Can you create a believable, fictional space in an inn? A room? Learn how to create interesting spaces for gaming and fiction on a micro scale. I know there is an orc in the corner of the pub; but why is there an orc in the corner?
  • 12:30 – Signing – Hyatt 2 Promenade Y
  • 8:30 – Ending Your Story – Hyatt 2 Greenway FG – How do you come up with the best ending for what you are creating?

Sunday, July 7

  • 11:00 – Recharging Your Creative Batteries – Hyatt 4 Great Lakes A3 – Need to jump start your muse? What methods do you use to get your creative output back up to normal. 
  • 2:00 – Wordslingers Sci-fi Series – Hyatt 6 Yoga
  • 3:30 – Signing – Hyatt 2 Promenade W

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