Gencon event schedules are out this week, which has me thinking about my convention schedule for this year. A lot. It’s going to be a great time and a really busy July.

The first part of July is CONvergence, a sci-fi convention in Minneapolis. I’m not quite sure what to expect there, but from the web page I can tell that it’ll be doubleplus good. So that’s nice.

At Gencon I’ll be sticking to the Writer’s Symposium for much of the four days, but there are so many games I’d like to play. Here is my tentative breakdown of time spent:

  • 35% – attending seminars on writing
  • 30% – networking with other authors
  • 40% – playing board games
  • 10% – shopping
  • 20% – hanging out with friends I haven’t seen for ages
  • 10% – wandering aimlessly
  • 15% – struggling to resist the urge to hug Patrick Rothfuss
  • 10% – obtaining and painting miniatures
  • 0% – doing math so that I know my timeline can’t possibly work

Tradition dictates that Thursday evening is spent at the Rathskeller’s biergarten drinking large beers and listening to music. I like it because it’s close enough to walk, but far enough away that there’s not usually a long line for sauerkraut and hefeweizen (no mixing). If you’re in town, that is where you should track me down after around 7. We will clink glasses and then discuss the merits of various books and/or games.

At both conventions, I’m there to meet people. If you’re there please find me and talk my ear off about whatever happens to be your interest.

July 2-5: CONvergence

July 30-Aug 2: Gencon

You know, I’m not sure if I left time for sleeping in my Gencon schedule.

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