Conquest Through Determination

It just so happens that another short story of mine has hit the digital shelves.  Actually, this one has the privilege of finding its way to real paper as well.  It fits solidly in the steampunk genre and was all sorts of fun to write.

The anthology is called Conquest Through Determination, and my story in it is a steampunk re-imagination of the downfall of Jesse James.  If you have any inkling of interest in steam powered fiction this book is probably worth a look.  That’s the great thing about short fiction.  It might be good or it might be bad, but either way, it’s short.

Production of words has increased again recently.  The iPad I carry around has become my primary writing device, which lets me squeeze some authorship into the tiny crevices of my day.  Unfortunately I find it difficult to do any real editing on the device, reserving that for the complete isolation of my basement.  Consequently, I have several stories that badly need a second draft before they can even be considered for publication.

It turns out writing is the easy part.  It’s editing that’s hard.

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