The Oak Leaf Bookshop

man in brown crew neck t shirt and blue denim jeans holding black and white book

I sold a book this week. Actually, I sold several, but one in particular was my favorite. I sold it right here in the Oak Leaf Bookshop. I received the entire price of the book, minus a tiny Paypal fee. One copy of Grandfather Anonymous was delivered immediately via email (using BookFunnel) and presumably the reader put it on whatever device or devices they wanted and read it without any trouble.


Nebula Conference 2023 Wrapup

A lady with, like, a star thing or something. It says Nebula Converence 2023

I’m sitting here four hours into my eight hour layover on my way home from the 2023 Nebula Conference, and I couldn’t think of anything better to do than write down some of the thoughts bouncing around my head.

Grandfather Crypto: Edits are in!

An image of the book Grandfather Crypto.

Edits are in for Grandfather Crypto, and now it’s time to turn this thing into a book. Follow along for the next steps or check out the first chapter today.

Grandfather Zero Launch

Book four in the Old Code series is out! Grandfather Zero returns to the retired hacker Ajay Andersen and his granddaughter Kylie as they struggle to survive in the brutal landscape of a near-future Minnesota. Survival is not enough. The Pine Fortress Camp for the Gifted turns privileged children into survivors. Into hunters. Into killers. … Read more

2022 Awards Eligibility

a hazy cityscape with tech-looking stuff in the foreground

It’s always a little surprising when another year passes us by. I mean, it shouldn’t be. I was there, right? But, alas, here we are, and it’s time for another Awards Eligibility post. Short Stories It’s been a slow year for short stories, probably because I, um, didn’t write a whole lot of them in … Read more