Quotes and Semicolons

I am interested lately in some developments that involve the flexibility of my brain. I have a keyboard for my iPad. I use it a lot. Actually, I’ve been working on writing a book, which keeps my fingers flying for a good three to four thousand words a week. I doubt this book will ever … Read more

Conquest Through Determination

It just so happens that another short story of mine has hit the digital shelves.  Actually, this one has the privilege of finding its way to real paper as well.  It fits solidly in the steampunk genre and was all sorts of fun to write. The anthology is called Conquest Through Determination, and my story … Read more

On the Digital Page

I mentioned a while ago that some of my writing had been picked up for publication.  Well, one of them is now available.  The piece is ‘A New Conscience’, and can be picked up in Kzine Issue 3 on Amazon. The publication is digital-only, so those of you who rely on dead trees are just … Read more

500 Words

I spent the past several days at Gencon. Apart from some mild psychological scarring on the part of Gabe, I think the boys handled my absence quite well. Like in past years, I enjoyed a good many games.  D&D was the focus and my game of choice, but I managed to get a small taste … Read more