The Oak Leaf Cemetery

“I never worry about writer’s block, because when I hold this pen it whispers madness at the edge of hearing.” — satisfied Oak Leaf Cemetery customer The Oak Leaf Cemetery is the place in the woods you only find by wandering. It lies at the edge of autumn, where the cold and decay long for … Read more

Macro Monday: Burdock

Burdock grasps out with its hook-claws, purply mass exploding in a flurry of velcro-like abominations. I like the photo, though. Almost makes my plague of burdock bearable. *burrs claw at every surface of my body* *burrs dig hooks deep into my soul* *I am burrs* In other news! My class is coming up soon, and … Read more

Macro Monday: Bees in Helsinki

Well, WorldCon was an incredible success. It was an exhausting, fun adventure that I look forward to repeating as long as it isn’t any time soon oh wow I’m really tired. I met some great people and ate some excellent food, including a super-fancy buffet where they just keep bringing you meat until you beg … Read more

Photo Time: Vinny Sleeping

We’re taking it easy around here these days. It’s been a couple weeks since Peace in an Age of Metal and Men released. I’m super happy with how its doing and I’m getting great reports from people who love their paperbacks. I’m sure the ebooks are nice, too, but nobody seems to want me to … Read more

Beta Reader Number One

Justice in an Age of Metal and Men is back from my editor. He liked it. He said he liked it, anyway. He says he thinks it’s good enough that I could easily go the traditional publishing route, but for now I’m still planning on going independent. I’ll write more about my reasons in a future post.

I have my editor’s input all processed and polished. The time has come to share my work.

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