It’s All About the Nebula Conference 2023

A lady with, like, a star thing or something. It says Nebula Converence 2023

The Nebula Conference was the event I was most excited about when the pandemic rolled in and squashed everything. I’m attending next week, and the future of the con is getting COMPLICATED

Nebula Novella Inspired Poems

April is National Poetry Month, and this spring I took my very first poetry class. How could I NOT share some poetry? One of the hardest parts of poetry isn’t writing the actual words, it’s finding something to write about. The challenge for a new poet is not finding the Truth in the whole world, … Read more

2021 Awards Eligibility

It’s that time of year again. Time to talk about 2021 awards eligibility so that the powers that be (you) can go out, read my works, and nominate as per your heart’s desire. There has been a lot of great stuff this year, and I’m sure you have a long reading list. I’ve been working … Read more

Above a Distant Sky Seen Launch

Above a Distant Sky Seen is finally here. The final book in the Colony of Edge series has launched, and WE DON’T KNOW WHERE IT’S GOING. The Colony of Edge series has been a fantastic journey for me, and I hope it has been for you, too. We’ve followed Ash Morgan as she’s discovered treachery … Read more

Grandfather Anonymous Launch

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous. The day is here! Grandfather Anonymous is launching on all platforms. Ajay Andersen struggles to protect his granddaughters from unknown dangers using nothing but his elite hacking skills and a solidly built cane. Before Ajay retired, he was the best hacker the NSA had ever hired. He sank corporations, toppled … Read more

Grandfather Anonymous is COMING BACK!

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous. This has been in the works a good long while. Grandfather Anonymous never did much when it was traditionally published. I don’t blame the publisher, and I don’t blame myself, but there were definitely things that could have been done differently. It’s a strange thing, this publishing business, especially in … Read more

From a Barren Seed Grown Launch

From a Barren Seed Grown is out! Book Four of the Colony of Edge series sees Ash return to the colony, which has had the audacity to change while she was away. This is running up to the end of the series. Book 5 (tentatively titled Above a Distant Sky Seen) is well on its … Read more