A Break from Social Media

Yeah. I know we’re supposed to be socially distancing in our real, physical lives. I’m DOING that. I haven’t left the house for anything but grocery shopping and hiking in the woods for two weeks. I’m growing a quarantine beard and it itches SO MUCH. But I’m taking a break from social media, too. I’ve … Read more

Bringing the Search Term Crazy

puffinThere are various ways to arrive at this web site. Maybe you know me personally. Maybe you’re finding this blog from one of the various social medias. I know that some of you fell from the sky as a comet passed unnaturally close to the Earth and landed directly on my blog.


Some people arrive via various search engines. One of the features of my tooling is the ability to see (sometimes) what terms lead hapless wanderers to my site.

It’s sometimes a source of amusement.

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TweetDeck – Tag Following

I’ve been going on and on about how much I love TweetDeck lately. First, I blathered on about filtering away retweets. Then, I burbled up some nonsense about lists. Those are fine things, but now I want to talk about following tags.

The #mswl tag on twitter denotes two things. First, it’s used by agents or publishers who want to tell writers about their manuscript wishlists. Second, it’s used by clueless writers who want to draw attention to the fact that they don’t really know what they’re doing.

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Using TweetDeck – Listing

My last TweetDeck post described how to filter some of the crazy out of Twitter. It was a semi-permeable film separating you from the gibbering madness beyond. It’s better than nothing, but oh, God, it’s still out there.

Now I’m going to show you how to let a little bit of it back in.

There are people on Twitter who are consistently funny, entertaining, intelligent. We like them, but once you follow a couple thousand people, those sane voices fly by so quickly you’ll miss the good stuff.

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Using TweetDeck – Filter the Noise

If you like to see retweets, I’d suggest creating a second column for that purpose. Watch them speed by endlessly spewing whatever it is that the collective consciousness spews. Intelligence? Yeah, let’s call it that.