April Book Roundup

Award reading is over for me now that the Nebula votes are in. That left me drifting in the TBR piles a little, but don’t worry, I found some books to cling to. I’ll be fine. Reading this week has included Locklands, Purgatory Ridge, and let’s talk a little about Defekt.

Roundup #10: You So Smart?

I’ve been informed that Friday is not actually part of the weekend. It’s a work day just like all of the other work days. Just like… Monday. That doesn’t mean I can’t round up all of the random stuff I’ve run across this week. I can do it. You can click on it. Just because … Read more

Roundup #8 – Altruism and Art

IMG_3605The world is full of Fridays. I hope you know this. They have one every week, and if you intend to be productive on a Friday then you need to shield yourself against the temptation of that wonderful Internet.

The rest of us can spend the day clicking on links.

I’ve always depended upon the kindness of others. Altruism is something to strive for. I’m grateful for it when I’m on the receiving end. I’ve also tried to give that kindness back. To pass it on.

There are other philosophies, though.

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Learn! – Roundup #7

Friday again? That sounds like a great time to pursue some unique educational opportunities on the Internet. I’m told that all of the best education is online these days, so logic tells me that everything online must be educational! Really, though, it’s time for a roundup. I’m pretty serious about learning. You don’t have to … Read more

OK – Roundup #5

Well, it’s that time again. Friday is here and you can either be a productive human being or click on random links. You decide. Still here? Yeah, I thought so. Ok, start off with a nice article about some quotes. Nothing special here, but I always like to see pretty illustrations and quotes from cool … Read more