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Roundup #10: You So Smart?

I’ve been informed that Friday is not actually part of the weekend. It’s a work day just like all of the other work days. Just like… Monday.

That doesn’t mean I can’t round up all of the random stuff I’ve run across this week. I can do it. You can click on it. Just because it’s a work day doesn’t mean it needs to be productive, right?

  • Let’s start with some unbelievably clever art. There should be a rule that anyone selling t-shirts on the internet needs to provide them in my size (LT). They never do. Otherwise, I’d be buying up piles of these things.
  • Speaking of art, Banksy’s Dismaland was all over the news this week. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s probably just as much fun as Disneyland, but without the bad food.
  • This is the best. No, really, this is fun. Someone really smart person took all of the adjectives, similes, and metaphors out of Lovecraft and then added them to Hemingway.
  • Sometimes I run across the article and find myself amused at how clever the world is.
  • Have I mentioned that I want a Tesla? I’m probably going to settle for a lesser electric car, but it’s nice to know that Tesla actually broke Consumer Report’s ranking system. It’s, um, supposed to be a scale of 1-100 and the Tesla Model S P85 D scored 103.

The following video is a good one if you’ve recently learned how to teleport. Take a look and let me know if you think of any other clever uses for your power.

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Roundup #9: True Wisdom in the Internet

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)We can all agree that in the modern age all true wisdom flows from the Internet, right? Mostly? I mean, it’s out there. It’s hidden, okay? It’s-yeah, over there-behind that other thing.

Wisdom is out there, we just need to fight off hordes of stupid to get to it. Continue reading Roundup #9: True Wisdom in the Internet

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Roundup #8 – Altruism and Art

IMG_3605The world is full of Fridays. I hope you know this. They have one every week, and if you intend to be productive on a Friday then you need to shield yourself against the temptation of that wonderful Internet.

The rest of us can spend the day clicking on links.

I’ve always depended upon the kindness of others. Altruism is something to strive for. I’m grateful for it when I’m on the receiving end. I’ve also tried to give that kindness back. To pass it on.

There are other philosophies, though. Continue reading Roundup #8 – Altruism and Art

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Learn! – Roundup #7

puffinFriday again? That sounds like a great time to pursue some unique educational opportunities on the Internet. I’m told that all of the best education is online these days, so logic tells me that everything online must be educational!

Really, though, it’s time for a roundup.

  • I’m pretty serious about learning. You don’t have to do it, though. We have machines for that these days. Here’s a cool graphic I found on machine learning. I don’t know why you’d look at it, though. Someone should create a machine to learn it for you.
  • My days are spent with Watson, but I’ll admit that there are far more Watson products at IBM than I see. I focus on health care. Apparently other departments are honing a system that will look at what you write and know your very soul.
  • Do you still feel a little clueless? Well, sometimes when I’m brave I venture into something called Reddit. It’s… I wouldn’t recommend it. There is a special place for those of us who feel like we’re out of the loop, though. It’s a place where we can learn that it’s probably better that we stop asking questions. It’s called r/OutOfTheLoop
  • That’s probably enough learning for today. The last thing I have for you is this wonderful Batwoman plot point. So cool.

Oh, and in case you missed that Pixels movie from last week, you’re probably better off with this cool short that it’s based off of. Don’t worry, though. Adam Sandler does not appear in this short.

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Right Tool for the Right Job: Roundup #6

Image by Death to Stock
Image by Death to Stock

Welcome to another Friday. Were you planning on getting some work done?

I hope not, because do you know what’s out there? The Internet. It’s out there waiting with all of the clever, interesting things you could possibly hope for. Continue reading Right Tool for the Right Job: Roundup #6

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OK – Roundup #5

Well, it’s that time again. Friday is here and you can either be a productive human being or click on random links. You decide.

Still here?

Yeah, I thought so.

  • Ok, start off with a nice article about some quotes. Nothing special here, but I always like to see pretty illustrations and quotes from cool authors. I like Poe’s.
  • Someone put together a whole pile of GIFs in case you need to know how random things work. I guess if you want to watch a black hole devour a star or a bean stalk climbing something, then this is where you want to go. Yeah, it’s a little random, but that’s just how it goes.
  • You like arts? I got arts. This is some nice art and it makes me with that I spent more of my time in museums and other places where art runs wild.

That’s pretty much it this week. Sorry. I didn’t spend much time doofing around on the internet this week, OK?

Yeah, OK.

You’d better watch this video on the origins of the word “OK”. It’s pretty good.

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Romance Riots – Roundup #4

Another week? Ok, here’s something to keep you busy.

  • This little description of org charts got me laughing in that nodding silently and saying, “Yup, that’s about it,” sort of way.
  • Well, it might be time for the Curiosity rover to engage its weapon systems. They found a pyramid on Mars and according to the internet it’s probably full of aliens or something.
  • Back in the day, we used to joke about a backup intranet at work that would basically use interns to move TCP/IP packets around. Apparently someone has implemented the idea.
  • Oh, and in case you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted book, you can go ahead and check out this handy list of cyberpunk. You really can’t go wrong with cyberpunk.
  • Sometimes people ask what kinds of things Watson does now that he’s done winning Jeopardy. This isn’t the exact project that I work on, but it’s pretty close. Watson is up to some pretty cool stuff here. This project isn’t curing cancer, but its helping make sure that the right people get the right cures. It’s tricky stuff, but it’s one of those jobs that Watson is really well suited for.
  • The publishing industry showed its crazy this week when the ebook subscription service Scribd dropped thousands of romance titles from its lists because romance readers read too much. Absolutely no one was surprised to learn that readers of romance go through a lot of books. Now I expect millions of romance-starved readers to take to the streets flipping cars and burning storefronts in desperate search of the few remaining scraps of romance in the world. Lock your doors, folks. The coming days will be dark.

Finally, this came out a couple weeks ago, but I’m still excited. Fallout 3 was one of my favorite games ever and now I’m thinking of hooking the 360 up to a decent TV and playing it again. I’m really hoping Fallout 4 is just as good, but even if it isn’t it’ll still probably remind me of playing Wasteland in my youth.