March 2024 Roundup

It’s March. I can’t say I’m surprised at how quickly time moves, but it is pretty fast, isn’t it? It seems to me like it’s going at least 20% faster than it used to. I have no way to back this up with evidence. Writing Updates The Man Who Walked in the Dark had a … Read more

February Roundup

Happy Leap Day, the day that we dedicate to the quiet contemplation of the dangers of calendar drift. In my Colony of Edge books, the characters consider, somewhat jokingly, what the basic unit of time is and decide that it is the day. Years are defined as a number of days (sometimes varying). Hours are … Read more

January Roundup

Yeah, that’s right. My monthly reading and writing roundup has now moved to the end of the month that it is supposed to be rounding up. Lots more unique essay and animal pics are available over on the newsletter if that’s your kind of thing. The new schedule will involve sending that thing out on … Read more

December Roundup

aurora borealis

As we enter this cold, cold month of December, I feel like it might be a good time to do another roundup. It also occurs to me that calling it a December Roundup implies that I’m rounding up everything that happened in December, which is not, um, something I am capable of at this time. … Read more