January Roundup

Yeah, that’s right. My monthly reading and writing roundup has now moved to the end of the month that it is supposed to be rounding up. Lots more unique essay and animal pics are available over on the newsletter if that’s your kind of thing. The new schedule will involve sending that thing out on … Read more

December Roundup

aurora borealis

As we enter this cold, cold month of December, I feel like it might be a good time to do another roundup. It also occurs to me that calling it a December Roundup implies that I’m rounding up everything that happened in December, which is not, um, something I am capable of at this time. … Read more

November Roundup

The businessman in a difficult and long journey in life. Backlit by a yellow glow

Time for another roundup. Here you’ll find the latest in my writing and reading world. If you want a short essay (and something about my chickens), discounts on books, and maybe a music rec, then you’ll just have to subscribe to my newsletter. Quick reminder that Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury … Read more

April Book Roundup

Award reading is over for me now that the Nebula votes are in. That left me drifting in the TBR piles a little, but don’t worry, I found some books to cling to. I’ll be fine. Reading this week has included Locklands, Purgatory Ridge, and let’s talk a little about Defekt.

Roundup #10: You So Smart?

I’ve been informed that Friday is not actually part of the weekend. It’s a work day just like all of the other work days. Just like… Monday. That doesn’t mean I can’t round up all of the random stuff I’ve run across this week. I can do it. You can click on it. Just because … Read more

Roundup #9: True Wisdom in the Internet

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)We can all agree that in the modern age all true wisdom flows from the Internet, right? Mostly? I mean, it’s out there. It’s hidden, okay? It’s-yeah, over there-behind that other thing.

Wisdom is out there, we just need to fight off hordes of stupid to get to it.

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Roundup #8 – Altruism and Art

IMG_3605The world is full of Fridays. I hope you know this. They have one every week, and if you intend to be productive on a Friday then you need to shield yourself against the temptation of that wonderful Internet.

The rest of us can spend the day clicking on links.

I’ve always depended upon the kindness of others. Altruism is something to strive for. I’m grateful for it when I’m on the receiving end. I’ve also tried to give that kindness back. To pass it on.

There are other philosophies, though.

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