They’re Tracking My Every Move


Every year I sign up for a healthy living rebate at work. I record when I exercise or what I eat and at some point I get an extra pile of money. It’s a pretty good deal for me, but I can’t say it’s actually impacted my level of activity.

This year there is a new program which a person can sign up for instead of getting the money. They send a Fitbit for free. I wear the device at all times and presumably at some point I earn points and get rewarded. I’m hoping for little bits of cheese.

I like the program. I’m not thrilled about the Fitbit.

So here are my thoughts on the FitBit Flex:

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The Truth in Two Stars

Shopping isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time we bought shiny packages with no more information than that which was printed on the box. If the box said it was the best remote control monster truck helicopter submarine on the market, well, we just had to hope that it really was.


Now, we read reviews. With our smart telephones we can access reviews on just about anything wherever we like. Advertisers know this, which is why they sometimes push to get positive reviews of their products or negative reviews of the opposition.

Does this make online reviews worthless?

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All Five Doctors

I don’t believe my geek cred has ever been questioned. If it were, I believe the following ought to clear things up.

Recently, I visited my sister. She informed me that she had a box of books that she got from my parents. They were mostly hers, but she was fairly certain that a few of them did not belong in her collection alongside Nancy Drew and Little Women.

I’m fairly certain she was correct.

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