Photo Time: The Mossy Log

The beautiful April weekend found us wandering the woods of Whitewater State Park. There wasn’t a lot of green yet, but the forest was littered with these mossy logs. This is the hallmark of a thriving forest.

Photo Time: Images of Spring

Today’s photos consists of some more experimental pics I took around home. Spring is a great time of year for pictures. It’s staying light later, so I’m getting some good light after work. Plus, the melting snow reveals so many truths. SO MANY. So, what did I find once the snow melted away? Grass, apparently. That … Read more

Photography, or: Pictures of my Cats and Other Things

Through a lens, photography changes not only how we see the world, but how the world sees itself.

The other day my wife and I were discussing the feasibility of keeping bees in our back yard. Consensus was, I think, that it would be a really fun hobby and that we should do that. Also, maybe chickens.

So, yesterday, I bought a camera.

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