Photo Time: Scarlet Oak

The Scarlet Oak is one of my favorite trees. The fall color on this thing is brilliant, lens-shateringly colorful, and long-lasting. For a couple weeks a year this is the absolute focus of my landscape. But look! We get a hint of that color in the spring! It’s not a lot, but as these leaves … Read more

Nature Photo Friday: Some Kinda Moth

I’m not going to say anything about that proboscis. Nothing. Not a thing. Look at that thing, though. I mean, damn. It’s right out there. This is another nature photo from Whitewater State Park in the middle of April. I was actually a little surprised to see this guy flitting about on top of the … Read more

Photo Time: Redbud

Every year this time I see a couple weeks of beauty from the Eastern Redbud in my front yard. I planted it as a small tree to anchor my front entryway, but it’s more than that. It’s become one of my favorite trees, with its big, soft leaves most of the summer and it’s quietly … Read more

Nature Photo Friday: Some Kinda Flowers

Look, my flower ID skills are rubbish, all right? Trees I’m pretty good at as long as they’re not coniferous. Flowers? I had a whole class on flowers. Loved it. But that doesn’t mean I retained much of the information. These little guys popped up around mid-April all through the bluffs of Whitewater State Park. … Read more

Photo Time: You Guys It’s My Cat

This is the look I get. Vinnie gets meds every morning. Meds come with a treat. Wanna know if Vinnie likes treats? Look into those big eyes for a full minute. Imagine him saying what he says to me every morning. “Meow,” he says. “Meow.” He says it from atop his glorious stool. He says … Read more

Nature Photo Friday: Long Distance Limestone Ridge

Okay, I’m pretty sure this is limestone. The bluffs of southeast Minnesota are riddled with these things. All along the Mississippi, these cross sections tell stories of their creation. Layers of rock reveal themselves as these cliffs shorn straight down the middle like they were deliberately chopped in half. Whitewater State Park is a beautiful … Read more

Photo Time: It’s Hyacinth Day!

It’s officially hyacinth season. *blinks* Dammit, it’s done. Well, at least I got a few good pictures. Before I get to that, though, it’s worth mentioning that neither Justice in an Age of Metal and Men, nor Peace in an Age of Metal and Men contain any hyacinths at all. Not even one. That’s OK, … Read more