Photo Tuesday: Landscapes of Zion National Park

Look, landscapes are hard. It’s not easy to capture the grandness of a whole landscape in a single, tiny photograph. Even those panoramic photos fail to really capture the feeling of being in that place at that time. As far as I can tell, every landscape photograph is a failure. Still, some of them are … Read more

Photo Friday: Desert Flower

My vacation into the desert wastelands of the American Southwest was successful in several ways. First, I survived. (woo!) Second, I now know that there is a limit to how much hot weather I am comfortable enduring. The peak was a scorching 117F and to be honest I was ready to check out around 100F. … Read more

Photo Time: Another Purple Flower

Look, I like purple flowers, okay? They pop out of the background and really demand notice, even if they’re tiny little things. This one is from Quarry Hill and I found it deep in the woods. Enjoy.

Photo Time: The Peony After a Rain

Photos are out early this week, since tomorrow is the BIG RELEASE of Peace in an Age of Metal and Men. There’s something magical about flowers after a rain. From a photographer’s perspective, this is the premium time to get some great macro shots. Since the peonies are in full bloom, I was pretty happy to … Read more

Nature Photo Friday: Quarry Hill Pond

Less than a week until Peace in an Age of Metal and Men comes out. I’ve been spending a lot of my time wandering around in the woods, trying not to worry too much about the sales for this sequel. Quarry his is close to where I live and an absolutely wonderful place to spend … Read more

Photo Time: Weigela

Only one week until Peace in an Age of Metal and Men comes out. It’s a book about struggle for peace in a violent world. Wanna know what’s not in the book? Flowers. Weigelas in particular. Not even a single one. The pink-flower explosion on these guys really makes for a good mid-spring show. Sure, … Read more

Photo Time: The Iris

It’s iris season. Just as the redbud fades these guys pop up and burst into huge explosions of color. I like them. In other news, I have message from the folks at CONvergence. I’ll be on three panels this year. You can see my schedule on my new Event Calendar.