Photo Tuesday: Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a fantastic flower, both in its color and its crazy, crazy stamen. I’d accuse it of compensating for something, but, um, stamens kind of ARE the flower’s male sexual organs. So. As our summer season draws to a close, I find myself finishing a project. My novel, which I’m currently … Read more

Photo Tuesday: Clematis

The clematis is one of my favorite flowers in my landscape. Every year it surprises me, because it’s really only visible from the hammock. Anywhere else in the back yard and there just isn’t a sight line to it. Nap for a little bit in the garden, though, and you’ll find this guy looking down … Read more

Photo Tuesday: Blue

Playing with color balance and composition a little bit this week. I’m also messing with textures in Photoshop again, which is almost as much fun as snapping the original picture. It’s possible to drastically alter the feel of a photo like this. The oil painting filter is fantastic for flattening an image, and I feel … Read more

Photo Tuesday: Colors Represented

I’m almost done with my adventure photos in the American Southwest. Almost. These last few flowers were some of the colors represented on our journey through the various climates of the area. In unrelated news, Gencon is next week. Stay tuned for updates on my plans. I’m not on any panels there, but I’ll be … Read more

Photo Tuesday: A Purple Flower You’re Welcome

This was another fine example of direct sunlight messing with a perfectly gorgeous purple flower. It’s not that light is a bad thing, necessarily, it’s just that there’s too much of it. Shadows become too pronounced and colors can get washed out. There are solutions, of course. A lot of photographers carry around white pieces … Read more

Photo Tuesday: More Flowers from the American Southwest

One of the great things about vacation is that I have lots of free time to take pictures. Of flowers. Lots of pictures of flowers. In fact, I’m going to keep milking this road trip through the American Southwest for as long as I can. We’ve hardly made a dent. Let’s see, any writing news? … Read more

Photo Tuesday: With a Little Photoshop

Today’s flower is something I captured in Zion National Park. We were in a hurry, there wasn’t much time to set up and take lots of shots. Really, I just snapped the pic as quickly as I could and moved on. I knew I loved the colors of this. The positioning of the two flowers … Read more