Eichenlaub Travel Blog: Sand Point Trail

There are places in this world few dare tread. Places of which we do not speak nor even fully contemplate. Sand Point is a beach on the Mississippi near Frontenac State Park. Some claim it can only be reached by boat. This is nearly true. For the way by foot is fraught with peril. Welcome … Read more

Macro Monday: Fuzzy Bee With Dust

Look, I know it’s cold out now and nobody cares about the dusty bees. I’m here to tell you that even though it’s not dusty bee season, those bees are still important. And that dust? Yeah, that’s pretty important, too. So here are some pictures of some bees I got before the frost ruined everything. … Read more

Macro Monday: Burdock

Burdock grasps out with its hook-claws, purply mass exploding in a flurry of velcro-like abominations. I like the photo, though. Almost makes my plague of burdock bearable. *burrs claw at every surface of my body* *burrs dig hooks deep into my soul* *I am burrs* In other news! My class is coming up soon, and … Read more

Macro Monday: Bees in Helsinki

Well, WorldCon was an incredible success. It was an exhausting, fun adventure that I look forward to repeating as long as it isn’t any time soon oh wow I’m really tired. I met some great people and ate some excellent food, including a super-fancy buffet where they just keep bringing you meat until you beg … Read more

The Blue Knight and the New Year

    Look, the Blue Knight is a symbol, okay? This is totally art and it symbolizes how we’re going to go all “L” shaped on the new year. Yeah, running at 2016 like some cracked up bishop didn’t get the job done. 2017? Totally sending in the knights. It’s a symbol. Happy New Year.

Photo Tuesday: Pepper Time

There’s a lot to be said for a decorative pepper.

*looks around*

Ok, look, I don’t have a lot to say about these peppers. They’re colorful, I guess. I’m not really sure what the endgame is for these guys, but the new house lets us grow all kinds of things indoors. I mean, we actually get TOO MUCH sunlight.

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Photo Tuesday: A Boring Old Hosta

  Nobody ever cares about hostas. They’re space fillers. They come in so many varieties and then they just sit there like *blech* in your landscape like a leafy turd. Sometimes they’re nice, though. These hostas are on the side of my house where I rarely see them. It rained. They were kinda pretty. So, … Read more