Leaf and the Lord of Electricity

With our steering wheels heated in the cold winter, we will drive like kings, my friends. Like kings.

Reading Recommendations: Cram Stories Into Your Head


Cram stories into your head.

I’ve been reading a lot in 2015. I mean, a LOT. Not only did I spent significantly more time with my butt in a chair reading books, but I also picked up an Audible account. Listening to books allows me to cram more stories into my head and I love it.

This was partially for the sake of becoming a better writer. It’s hard to get good at writing without a whole lot of reading. What are other authors doing? What styles are effective, and which ones are popular? Is first person present tense really a thing?

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Blizzard Tips

It’s snowing a couple feet, they say. Worst blizzard all year. Roads are terrible. People are going to be stranded. People might even go sledding or something.

That’s not strange, though. It’s January. What I find odd is the fact that I live in Minnesota and can still see my lawn. All this snow? It’s not here. Sure, that’s convenient for me and my propensity to drive around town in my automobile. As a native Minnesotan, though, I feel like it’s my duty to help out when storms like these hit. So, here is a list of things you can do when it snows to help improve your chances of surviving with sanity intact.

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XBox One vs. PS4 Debate Solved (Temporarily)

For as long as men can remember there has been this epic struggle. The debate has raged since near the beginning of time, but no clear victor could ever be established. At times it was clear that the battle would swing one way or the other, but there never was a decisive blow. So, this question remains unanswered.

Should I buy an XBox One or a PS4.

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Crushed Accomplishments

I thought I had accomplished something. It was one of my greatest achievements; it took years of dedication and required an immense reservoir of willpower. There were times when I nearly gave up. There were times when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. Somehow I made it through. When I was finished it was … Read more


The last class of the last course of my last semester has finally finished.  I know I didn’t get a great score on that last test, but I’m sure I did well enough to finally graduate. I now have a Masters of Agriculture in Horticulture with a focus on Landscape Design. Yeah, that’s a really … Read more


I am a lurker. I rarely comment on the blogs I read. Most of the time I find myself with nothing to say. Often I am afraid to comment because I might offend someone. But there is a time when lurking is not allowed. There is a time when all blog readers must make themselves … Read more