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Atomic Robo RPG

One of them was a traveling computer programmer specialized in dino video games. The other was a geologist who thinks he’s unlucky. They’re Action Scientists and just started jobs at Tesladyne. They faced off against genetically engineered miniature dinosaurs and eventually Dr. Dinosaur himself.

The best thing about the Atomic Robo Role Playing Game is that it encourages storytelling and creativity from everybody at the table. When I ran a game with my two boys they got to go crazy with the details of their characters, the scenario, and even the ultimate solution to the little mystery. It was great fun and I’m really looking forward to playing again. Continue reading Atomic Robo RPG

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Root Beer: The Eichenlaub Special, Dark

It’s always best to have a brewing buddy around. Your buddy can keep you from

My brewing helper and the mess we made
My brewing helper and the mess we made

getting bored, think of new ideas to tweak your brew, and help you double check measurements.

Gabe is my new brewing buddy. We ran out of root beer a couple weeks ago and he helped me brew up a new batch. It might be a while before I teach him how to brew a stiff IPA, but for root beer this kid is the best.

We use the kitchen scale for all of our measurements. Once everything is in a big bowl we dump it into hot but not boiling water and stir it until it’s dissolved. Then I put the mixture into the five gallon keg and fill the rest of the way with water. Once carbonated it makes a pretty decent root beer and a seriously excellent root beer float.

Here are the ingredients for the latest brew: Continue reading Root Beer: The Eichenlaub Special, Dark

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Calvin and Hobbes

Isaac has decided our Halloween costumes already.

It started when he picked up his first Calvin and Hobbes book.  He loved it.  This crazy kid has all sorts of crazy stuff happen and then he gets in trouble and stuff?

It’s good stuff.

He also made the connection that he is a blonde kid, who sometimes has spiky hair.

Isaac wants to be Calvin.

Of course, this means he needs a Hobbes.

This leads to the logical conclusion.  We talked about it, we considered all of the options.  We made a decision.

Gabe is going to be…


This could get interesting.

It gets better, though.

There needs to be a Dad.  He’s a major player in the comic in general.  Dad is the guy who does all the yelling and rides his bike and things like that.

So it was decided.  I’m not sure how.

Isaac knows how it’s going to be.

He wants me to be….

Susie Derkins.

It’s early, still.  Halloween decisions are mutable until the day itself.

I don’t know who Carol is supposed to be.

I suppose we still need a Hobbes.