The Thirteen Minute Mile

Running hurts. That’s what I always thought, anyway.  I remember skipping out on running during tennis practice in high school.  I remember hating it when I didn’t.  I remember scoring very poorly on the “run a mile” portion of phys ed. I’ve always hated running. So I’ve signed up for a half marathon. It’s just … Read more

Gencon 2010

Captain America walks next to Solid Snake, a Big Daddy lumbering in their wake.  Two Links pass each other, acknowledging each other with a nod. This is Gencon. There are a good many things I like about this convention.  The hours of the day are packed with fun, breaking only for that pesky interruption of … Read more

The Gencon

I look around.  There are a lot of people in this room. I just might be the second most athletic person here. This is not true of the whole convention center, of course. Some of these guys are clearly more fit than I.  It just happens that this particular room doesn’t contain any of those … Read more


The last class of the last course of my last semester has finally finished.  I know I didn’t get a great score on that last test, but I’m sure I did well enough to finally graduate. I now have a Masters of Agriculture in Horticulture with a focus on Landscape Design. Yeah, that’s a really … Read more


I am a lurker. I rarely comment on the blogs I read. Most of the time I find myself with nothing to say. Often I am afraid to comment because I might offend someone. But there is a time when lurking is not allowed. There is a time when all blog readers must make themselves … Read more

Missing Halloween Candy

I happens every year. We buy Halloween candy weeks before the actual date, only to have the supply slowly diminish until a second candy purchase must be arranged. It isn’t like anyone here really eats a lot of candy. It just slowly dissappears. I virtually never eat candy any other time of year. Once as … Read more

A Trip To Nebraska

Carol and I drove six hours to Nebraska this past Sunday. I have to say the drive went fairly quickly and didn’t really bother me at all. Most long car trips have two distinct phases. During the first phase I am comfortable, fully alrert, and generally in a good mood. This can last anywhere from … Read more