Books and Beer

Books-BeerLonging for adventure on the high seas with your IPA? Would you rather trudge through the snows of Germany for your Kölsch? Visit Trappist Monks for your Belgian Blond?

Visit the LTS Brewing Company September 29th to experience the joy of stories told by authors while you relax with a delicious brew.

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CONvergence Schedule

CONvergence is this week! I’m excited about it. I’m there to learn a little about publishing, find some good sci-fi books, and meet people. You can maybe help me with that last objective if you happen to be at the con and you are a person. Come find me! I look like that crazy person in … Read more

Wait, Ten Years? What?

It is clear that I have always been a genius. Ten years ago, I started this blog. It was called the Eichenblog because that is the cleverest thing I could come up with that played off my name and the fact that this is a blog. Wow. My first entry was pure writing gold, too. … Read more


Gencon event schedules are out this week, which has me thinking about my convention schedule for this year. A lot. It’s going to be a great time and a really busy July. The first part of July is CONvergence, a sci-fi convention in Minneapolis. I’m not quite sure what to expect there, but from the … Read more

That One Feature or Why I Won’t Buy Another Android Phone

Midnight. It’s cold. It’s my first night on call with the Red Cross and I’ve just been called out to a house fire. I’m using Google Maps to navigate to the location, but it’s giving me wonky results and I’m not positive that I’m getting to the right place. I’m just on the verge of figuring out that it’s leading me astray when the phone rings.

I’m driving.

The phone is ringing, but there’s no button to push. The display isn’t there. Google Maps has taken over the whole screen and the home buttons are gone. Dragging from the top doesn’t work.

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Running From the Exercise Man

One of my fundamental rules of running is that if the exercise man stands on your chest then you ought to slow down a bit. Unless you’re really tough. Then you just keep running until you collapse and die.

I tend to slow down long before the exercise man gives me any trouble. Maybe that makes me the opposite of tough. Maybe that makes me kinda slow.

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Dear Vincent

Dear Vincent van Gogh,

You insufferable hack.starrynight

I have recently, to the misery of my entire Christmas vacation, completed a study of one of your works. The work, entitled The Starry Night, was one of the most needlessly complex and tediously horrid pieces I have ever had the displeasure to work with. Following are my complaints:

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