It’s All About the Nebula Conference 2023

A lady with, like, a star thing or something. It says Nebula Converence 2023

The Nebula Conference was the event I was most excited about when the pandemic rolled in and squashed everything. I’m attending next week, and the future of the con is getting COMPLICATED

Anthony W. Eichenlaub at Worldcon

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Worldcon is in Chicago this year, and I am excited to be on programming. If you’re around, drop me a line! The schedule: Controlling for Bias in AI – Friday, Sept 2, 2:30 PM Crystal Ballroom BThis is one of my favorite topics, and I’m excited (and a little intimidated) by the panel of experts … Read more

Magic Wand Giveaway

This actual magic wand is 9 1/2 inches of buckthorn harvested from the felled monstrosity in my back yard. It’s a lovely decorative piece, and perfect for the occasional Wingardium leviosa as long as you’re VERY careful.

CONvergence 2017 Announcement

An invite for CONvergence 2017 arrived the other day, and I’m super excited about it. CONvergence is a fantastic convention up in Bloomington, MN, and this year it’s July 6-9. *checks watch* *checks watch again* *checks calendar* *scowls at the snow covering the ground outside the window* I don’t know my panel schedule yet, but badge … Read more

CONFusion 2017 Schedule

Two weeks till CONFusion! I’m really looking forward to this convention and if you’re there, I WANT TO MEET YOU. Here’s my schedule as it stands: Friday, 7:00pm – Defying Gravity – Too often we see new writers compared to Neil Gaiman or Margaret Atwood for purposes of marketing. Standing in the shadow of greatness can be … Read more

UMTYMP Test Tips for Parents and Students

The University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program (UMTYMP) is one of the most coveted programs for Minnesota kids who are interested in math and parents who really, really want their kids to be good at math. UMTYMP has a notoriously difficult entrance exam, and the better prepared your kid is, the better chance they have … Read more

Notes on Preparing for the Doom that is to Come (or, Autumn)

A photo posted by Anthony W Eichenlaub (@aweichenlaub) on Oct 17, 2015 at 8:21am PDT Some people love Autumn. “It’s beautiful,” they say. “Look at the wonderful colors.” It’s like standing on the great, gaping maw of Hell and saying, “Listen to the glorious bells as they toll our final hours.” Or, at the edge … Read more