There is some pretty exciting news for Fred today. A couple days ago Carol and her mother took Fred to Dairy Queen, not knowing exactly what they were getting into. They left the house intending to get ice cream on a hot summer day. What they got was a trip to The Norman Rockwell Zone. … Read more

Fred Ate the Baby

That’s right, Fred’s gone and done it. The hunger cravings have taken control. He finally snapped and.. wait.. the baby hasn’t been born yet.. Fred actually ate the substitute baby. See, as a joke when I set up the carseat in Carol’s car I went through the trouble of strapping in a bag of flour. … Read more

Kiki vs Zelda

Kiki met a new friend this past weekend. Brian and Meaghan’s new puppy Zelda came for a visit while the rest of us went over to Mike and Kim’s house for the party. As per standard protocol Kiki volunteered to be on the welcoming committee. It started off a bit rough. Oh My Gosh! It … Read more

My Dog Fred

This is for those of you who never believe me when I say that Fredly can run. Imminent Impact And, of course, here he is being the good boy that he is. The secret? He thinks my camera is food. Please!