Photo Time: You Guys It’s My Cat

This is the look I get. Vinnie gets meds every morning. Meds come with a treat. Wanna know if Vinnie likes treats? Look into those big eyes for a full minute. Imagine him saying what he says to me every morning. “Meow,” he says. “Meow.” He says it from atop his glorious stool. He says … Read more

Kitty Yin-Yang

The first thing I thought when I saw this Kitty Yin-Yang was, “Why didn’t we put this basket out here sooner?” It had been in the closet for years.

This is where the cats spend a large portion of the day now. They cuddle up together and pass the time in their tiny basket of love, presumably reading the Venn Diagram book or looking out over their vast expanse of property. They can see the kitchen from there.

Here this Kitty Yin-Yang sits in balance.

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Attention Hog

I lay down on the leather sofa. I have some time, so my plan is to do some reading before starting to cook supper. It doesn’t take long before I hear a little animal motorboat approach. It pulls up close and I feel the furry bump on my exposed hand. It’s Lefty. He would like … Read more


Fur production was down.  Vinnie wasn’t getting enough exercise, and he seemed to be suffering anthropomorphized feelings of loneliness.  We all felt bad for him, loafing about all day doing nothing but eating and sleeping in some giant Garfield reenactment. There were all sorts of reasons to get another cat. We finally did it.  A … Read more

This, Too, Shall Pass

In the interest of recording Fred’s greatness for all time I thought I would put together a list of the various things which have passed through him. Fred is gifted with the unique ability to consume virtually any object and turn it directly into an awful and unique odor. The following is a evidence of … Read more

Missing Halloween Candy

I happens every year. We buy Halloween candy weeks before the actual date, only to have the supply slowly diminish until a second candy purchase must be arranged. It isn’t like anyone here really eats a lot of candy. It just slowly dissappears. I virtually never eat candy any other time of year. Once as … Read more

The Mystery of the Missing Squash

Damaged, diseased, and rotten produce is often a problem in a vegetable garden. As a gardener I am have resigned myself to the fact that there will be a certain amount of loss during the growing season. The tomato that looks wonderful while green may ripen into a bug infested mess. The carrots may grow … Read more