Calvin and Hobbes

Isaac has decided our Halloween costumes already.

It started when he picked up his first Calvin and Hobbes book.  He loved it.  This crazy kid has all sorts of crazy stuff happen and then he gets in trouble and stuff?

It’s good stuff.

He also made the connection that he is a blonde kid, who sometimes has spiky hair.

Isaac wants to be Calvin.

Of course, this means he needs a Hobbes.

This leads to the logical conclusion.  We talked about it, we considered all of the options.  We made a decision.

Gabe is going to be…


This could get interesting.

It gets better, though.

There needs to be a Dad.  He’s a major player in the comic in general.  Dad is the guy who does all the yelling and rides his bike and things like that.

So it was decided.  I’m not sure how.

Isaac knows how it’s going to be.

He wants me to be….

Susie Derkins.

It’s early, still.  Halloween decisions are mutable until the day itself.

I don’t know who Carol is supposed to be.

I suppose we still need a Hobbes.

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