Burrow Deeper: A Winter Update

A Winter Scene of Rochester
Winter Rochester is Mostly White

Winter is the subtle art of moving from one heated space to the next, never spending more time outdoors than is strictly necessary.

One of my favorite features on my Leaf is the remote start. I can have a little heated bubble of air waiting for me out in the parking lot.

Some day I’ll own a car that will drive right up onto the lawn so that I can step from the building into its pre-warmed space.

Maybe some day I won’t need to leave the house at all in the winter.

One can only hope.

Class Update

I’ve got some great stuff coming up, and I’m pretty excited about it.

A Character’s View to the Fantastic is a class I’ll be teaching up at The Loft Literary Center on March 17. I’ve been working on material for it, and it’s going to be incredible. The idea is to teach a class on character-driven storytelling focused on science fiction and fantasy.

Writing the Strange is happening again. This is a Rochester Community Ed class that went over quite well for me. I’ll be adjusting the material a little, but mostly keeping the same material.

Writing Update

Hey, I suppose you’ll be wanting to see more writing from me. You’re in luck. One of my favorite short stories has found its way into an anthology. This is When Gracie’s Father Fought, and it’ll be in Spring Song Press’s anthology Fell Beasts and Fair. This should be out soon, so keep an eye out. (I don’t have exact dates yet.)

Exciting, right?

Winter’s a great time for writing, and I hope to see more published soon. My novella is coming along nicely, and well, I’ve always got a novel in the works. Stay tuned.

Stay warm.


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