Bringing the Search Term Crazy

puffinThere are various ways to arrive at this web site. Maybe you know me personally. Maybe you’re finding this blog from one of the various social medias. I know that some of you fell from the sky as a comet passed unnaturally close to the Earth and landed directly on my blog.


Some people arrive via various search engines. One of the features of my tooling is the ability to see (sometimes) what terms lead hapless wanderers to my site.

It’s sometimes a source of amusement.

animation pregnant mutant

What exactly are you looking for when you put ‘animation pregnant mutant’ into Google? Individually, those terms might somehow describe different things on my blog. I mean, I don’t talk about animation much, but through the history of this blog there have been two pregnancies. And, um, mutants.

I don’t remember ever mentioning all of those things in one post, though. Sorry?

sience fiction

You know what? Fine. Here it is. I claim here and now to be the premier source of all sience fiction. As a sience fiction and fintasy writer, I feel that I am really quite qualified.


snience fiction

So I’ve got that going for me. It helps that I have a Master’s degree in snience.

chuck wendig age

Well, I met Chuck Wendig at the 2015 Gencon. He seemed nice enough, but didn’t blurt out his age upon meeting us that one time. He seemed maybe, I don’t know, adult age? If random Wendig trivia is something you’re interested in, I’d suggest combing through his blog or maybe digging up his birth certificate or something.

Or, you know, I hid his social security number and the first five characters of the password to his personal email account in one of my books. Buy them all and decode the secret message if you want to know more about Chuck.*

gay teenage mutant ninja turtles

Ok, I’m interested.

That probably led someone back to my post about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m further into the series now than when I wrote that post. They’ve added another girl and April is significantly more interesting starting in the second season. Still, it’s a pretty dude-centric show.

It’s still for sure one of my favorites, though. It makes me happy every time my boys agree to watch it with me.

mosquitoes humor

Look, maybe I wrote something about mosquitoes. Maybe it was funny. Really, I don’t remember ever doing that and I’m not sure I’m feeling up to hitting my own search bar. It might exist.

But mosquitoes aren’t funny.

They’re damn serious. I live in Minnesota and here we like to say that mosquitoes are the state bird not because they’re so big, but because we’re really not very good at Linnaean system of scientific classification. Also, the loon is really our state bird, which isn’t really all that much better.

Loons aren’t funny, either.


My tools tell me that on thirty-nine separate occasions people have entered ‘cheeseburger’ into a search tool and ended up on this blog. What the hell? Yes, I’ve talked about cheeseburgers. I’m the first to admit that this blog doesn’t have any focus topic. Maybe cheeseburgers are a common area of interest for me. I’ve certainly written something about them.

I’m so sorry to have led all of you astray. You’re not going to learn anything about cheeseburgers here. You’re just not.

cheese burger

To the thirty-two of you who got here using the terms ‘cheese burger’ I just want to mention that cheeseburger is one word. Maybe you’d have better luck with that. Stay away from the McDonnald’s site, though. Those guys are weird.

*Totally a lie

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