Grandfather Anonymous

Book Cover: Grandfather Anonymous
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
Pages: 372
Hardcover: $ 21.99
ISBN: 978-1-950542-13-0
Pages: 341

Elderly, unarmed, and extremely dangerous.

Before Ajay retired, he was the best hacker the NSA had ever hired. He sank corporations, toppled governments, and broke cryptography. All of it.

And don’t think retirement has slowed him down one bit, thank you very much.

When his estranged daughter shows up on his doorstep with his two granddaughters, Ajay will do anything to keep them safe. He’ll hack biotech corporations and criminal enterprises alike. Nobody after his girls will be safe, but the more he digs, the more he dredges up the shadows of his own dangerous past.

He only needs to know one thing:

What makes his granddaughters so darn dangerous?

Reviews:Mike Kalmbach wrote:

"This techno-thriller is like a futuristic 'Enemy of the State'"

From a Barren Seed Grown

Woman standing in front of a city under a red moon

The Colony of Edge will never be the same.
When Ash Morgan returns after a long time away, she finds she hardly recognizes the place she once called home. Black towers stretch to the sky, strangers wander the streets, and odd smells permeate the very stones.
Monsters roam the streets.
After a terrible attack, Ash must determine what strange monster lurks among the city's newest inhabitants. How is it connected to all the changes happening in the rapidly growing colony? More importantly, can she determine when the monsters attack next?
And why?


On a Forsaken Land Found

There are some mysteries best left unearthed on the planet of Sky.
A secret is hidden in a dead city at the center of a faraway desert. Lost technology might save the colony of Edge and finally bring sustainable life to a world that has been so close for so long.
...But what dangers slumber in that forsaken land?
Ash Morgan leads a team of explorers to find clues that will save her people and bring on a new era of prosperity. She battles the elements and hazards of the city, but can she hold together her team when the dangers prove too much? Can she prepare them for the very real possibility of failure?
And what if something follows them back to Edge?
Maybe that city's not so dead after all.


Upon Another Edge Broken

Book Cover: Upon Another Edge Broken

Murder has found its way to the colony of Edge.
The skies rain muck, the AI Traverse looms ever more dangerous, and the new nearby colony threatens to disrupt the status quo.
Ash doesn't want anything to do with tracking down a killer. She doesn't want to delve into the anger and darkness that caused such a horrible event. It frightens her deep down into the core of her being.
Well, it's just that she's curious.
More so when she discovers the killer might not even be from Edge. Was this the murder of an innocent scientist, or an attack from a neighboring colony? Is this the culmination of a bitter personal dispute, or is this war?


Of a Strange World Made

Book Cover: Of a Strange World Made
ISBN: 978-1950542079
Pages: 140

On the cutting edge of humanity, rules are made for one thing.
No, it is not "to be broken."
Biologist Ash Morgan loves breaking rules, but this is ridiculous. Edge is humanity's bastion on the frontier of space and science. She plays fast and loose with the Edge's ultra-strict governing AI, but even she's willing to admit that maybe there are some laws not meant to be broken.
When a fellow colonist asks for help delivering a child, Ash agrees against her better judgment.
But something's not right.
The birth will exceed the precise population cap set by the colony AI. Somehow those numbers need to balance.
And the child is born strange. Too strange. What experiments could produce a child like this? Who would do this?
When the mother descends into depression and madness, Ash must decide which rules can be broken, which rules must be obeyed, and which rules will inevitably lead to the colony's ultimate destruction.
On the cutting edge of humanity, rules are made for one thing: to be followed perfectly with zero deviation.
Or else.