Beta Reader Number One

Justice in an Age of Metal and Men is back from my editor. He liked it. He said he liked it, anyway. He says he thinks it’s good enough that I could easily go the traditional publishing route, but for now I’m still planning on going independent. I’ll write more about my reasons in a future post.

I have my editor’s input all processed and polished. The time has come to share my work.

Beta Reader Number One stayed up late last night reading my book. I was there. I’m married to her, after all. I’m expecting our relationship to somewhat skew her opinion of the book, but she’s great at spotting typos and plot holes.

Once she finishes I’ll send the book out to more beta readers and get their input. In the meantime, I have an artist working on the cover and I am quickly learning the business of ebook and Createspace formatting. I happen to love ebooks that have proper chapter breaks so that my Kindle can tell me how far I have to go till the next chapter break. I absolutely refuse to publish a book that doesn’t have that feature.

Also, I’m plotting out the next book. If things go well I’ll start writing again soon.

Another thing I can learn by watching Beta Reader Number One is which parts of the book are exciting, gripping page turners and which parts are, well, otherwise:


In the book’s defense, the room was dangerously cozy with a crackling fireplace and big fluffy kitty. I just about fell asleep, too. Her nap might have been the reason she stayed up past midnight reading, but I guess we won’t know for sure.

The pieces are falling into place and the book will be out soon. Soonish, anyway. Stay posted.

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