2023 Works Published

The end of 2023 is fast approaching and since I’m not planning on getting anything else out the door, I think it’s probably a good time to take a look at the year’s accomplishments. This is an award eligibility post, but also just kind of a “hey look at what I’m proud of” post. The … Read more

December Roundup

aurora borealis

As we enter this cold, cold month of December, I feel like it might be a good time to do another roundup. It also occurs to me that calling it a December Roundup implies that I’m rounding up everything that happened in December, which is not, um, something I am capable of at this time. … Read more

Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury

Not Done Yet

Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury is out and available everywhere books are sold! It’s been a long road for this first of my short story collections. Last week I finally got my proof copy of the hardcover in the mail, and let me tell you, I love it! The pages feel … Read more

November Roundup

The businessman in a difficult and long journey in life. Backlit by a yellow glow

Time for another roundup. Here you’ll find the latest in my writing and reading world. If you want a short essay (and something about my chickens), discounts on books, and maybe a music rec, then you’ll just have to subscribe to my newsletter. Quick reminder that Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury … Read more

Not Done Yet – Preorder

Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury officially releases to all booksellers on November 14th, but you can grab it direct from me today. This is my first short story collection, and the result of me saying, “Hey, I have a lot of stories with older protagonists, I should bundle those together.” I’ve … Read more

October Roundup

photo of clouds during dawn

The Writing Corner and Reading Corner have been, in some form, part of my newsletter for ages, but I’d like to bring them to a wider audience. I mean, why hide the books and writing news that I want to share?

Gen Con 2023

One week from today I’ll be driving the long drive to Indianapolis for Gen Con. “Drive?” you say? Why yes, I’m from the midwest. A nine hour drive is nothing to my people. And once I’m there, I’ll be taking part in the Gen Con Writers’ Symposium, and I’m excited to be on a number … Read more