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4 thoughts on “AI in Sci-fi

  • Like everything, AI will evolve.

    Right now, it is mostly used as a tool to aid humans. From my POV (automotive industry) it is used often for data gathering from vehicle owners as well as aiding in problem solving. One classic example is FCA using AI to solve an issue with fuel delivery and spark timing mapping on one of their newer engines, at the time. Chrysler, specifically, notoriously uses speed-density for load calculations. This engine was introducing “Displacement On Demand” as variable valve timing. This really messes with what speed-density systems use to calculate load, so the algorithms needed to get very complex. Engineers, namely software, could not get good driveability while meeting emission standards.

    Enter AI. I do believe it was Watson, but you would probably know better than I if it was indeed Watson. The AI system had the solution in mere days.

    This is fundamentally good, and AI can help in such cases and more.

    But, there’s a dark side. Maybe not right away, and maybe not Matrix level or Terminator, but a reliance. Maybe more like Wall-E, or a cleaner version of Idiocracy. I think we may come to rely on it to solve issues. Many will be great, great things for humanity, but at a cost.

    I’m not smart enough to determine if it will be worth it, or how soon such things will occur, if they even will.

    • Yeah, and I think the way AI solves certain problems very easily is something that’s not getting addressed as much as it should in sci-fi. We kind of hand-wave it off and show a few technical improvements.

      It fascinates me how AI can solve something like the emissions thing very easily. That’s a perfect problem for it, as long as you can feed it enough data, and the amount of data machine learning needs is dropping every day. We need more problems like that and fewer like ‘policing’ or ‘credit optimization’.

  • If one is speaking about AI in SF you eventually have to include “When Harley was One” – AI playing business better than humans, “P-One” where AI is accidentally created showing loneliness and anger and of course the accidentally created AI that is looking for friends in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”.

    • For sure! It fascinates me how stories about AI have changed over the years, and I admit I have a lot of gaps that era of science fiction. (I was more into horror and fantasy back in the day).

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