Anthony W. Eichenlaub Awards Eligibility Post for 2019

Oh hey it’s almost the end of the year. Time to take a look at what monsters I’ve unleashed out into the world in the past twelve months.

Award eligibility posts aren’t just a way to feed my MASSIVE EGO. They’re a chance to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and take a moment to be proud of what I’ve done.

So, what have I done? The coolest, most eligible thing was probably my short story Hairstyle and Anarchy in the anthology A Punk Rock Future. I honestly can’t imagine a collection of short stories I’d be more proud to be a part of. This book is equal parts kick-ass storytelling and powerful social commentary. Hairstyle and Anarchy is the story of a hairdresser working a drudge job when an acquaintance comes in for a new punk haircut–every day for a week. His rapidly-growing hair is interesting, but so to is his wildly radical ideas about punk changing the world.

All right, so the other BIG THING I have this year is Honor in an Age of Metal and Men. It’s a self-published book, and, um, not quite out yet as of the writing of this post. Still, it’s coming out solidly in the 2019, so that’ll make it eligible for something. Plus, it’s a pretty badass end to the Metal and Men trilogy. I’m really looking forward to you all reading it.

The King of Justice and Revenge is up over at Curious Fictions. This is a flash fiction piece about a roboticist grandmother recounting her days building a giant, murderous dinosaur robot. Good times, good times.

Saint James Hotel at night

A Coffin at the Saint James Hotel is the story of an investigator tracking down the ghostly truth in my very own home town of Red Wing, Minnesota. Since posting it on Patreon, I’ve heard from several people who have experienced the ghostly nature of the Saint James. It makes me want to write more about that town.

That’s it for 2019. I have so much in the works for you next year, but don’t wait till the slow monster of publishing catches up to that stuff. Grab a story, read it, and if you love it, well, give it a nomination in the nearest Award. It’ll be much appreciated.

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