Anthony W. Eichenlaub at Worldcon

Worldcon is in Chicago this year, and I am excited to be on programming. If you’re around, drop me a line!

The schedule:

  • Controlling for Bias in AI – Friday, Sept 2, 2:30 PM Crystal Ballroom B
    This is one of my favorite topics, and I’m excited (and a little intimidated) by the panel of experts I’ll be sitting with. Come early, because these AI talks are usually pretty popular in this gigantic sci-fi convention.
  • Table Talk – Anthony W. Eichenlaub – Friday, Sept 2, 5:30 PM, Crystal Foyer
    This is a kaffeklatch but without the coffee. You just get me. That said, please sign up and stop by! It’s a chance to chat, and I’ll be happy to have someone there.
  • Can an AI Be a Person? – Saturday, Sept 3, 10:00 AM, Regency Ballroom D
    My second AI panel this WorldCon. This is usually a topic other AI panels dance around, so I’m happy to see it split into its own panel. And, wow, this is another great list of panelists.
  • That’s Not How That Works! – Saturday, Sept 3, 1:00 PM, Grand Hall I
    This one’s going to be fun. We have a pile of experts on various subjects and we’re going to talk about things that authors often get wrong in their books.
  • Readings: Anthony W. Eichenlaub, A. L. Kaplan, Emily C. Skaftun, Saturday, Sept 3, 4:00 PM, Dusable
    A reading! Come listen to me read a story or two. It’s a shared slot with a couple of other authors. I haven’t exactly decided what I’m going to read yet, but these are always pretty awesome.

So. If you’re there, definitely let me know. Stop by after one of my panels or sign up for my Table Talk. This is my last con of the year, and I won’t be at next year’s Worldcon, so get while the gettin’s good.

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