500 Words

I spent the past several days at Gencon.

Apart from some mild psychological scarring on the part of Gabe, I think the boys handled my absence quite well.

Like in past years, I enjoyed a good many games.  D&D was the focus and my game of choice, but I managed to get a small taste of Pathfinder and a few board games.

Different this year, however, were the many, many writing seminars.

I decided to significantly step up my production of words.

First, most of the moderately successful writers on the panels have day jobs.  There are programmers, nurses, and teachers.  This is something a person can do quite successfully in one’s spare time.  Almost unanimously these writers agree that giving up most or all television is the key.  That, or giving up sleep.

Second, my Read and Critique session went well.  Real live editors and authors listened to a bit of my writing and only tore it apart a little.  A little practice and I think I may actually get good at this.

So where does this leave me?

I’m making a personal goal.  I’ll write 500 words every day, six days a week.  Yes, I’m still planning on taking a day off.

I’m sending short stories around, trying to get them published.

I’ll let you know if that works out.

My collection of rejection letters has started.

I expect it to get quite a bit larger before I see anything in print.

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