2023 Works Published

The end of 2023 is fast approaching and since I’m not planning on getting anything else out the door, I think it’s probably a good time to take a look at the year’s accomplishments. This is an award eligibility post, but also just kind of a “hey look at what I’m proud of” post.

The Race on Dry Mississippi (6300 words)

I am irrationally proud of my short story, The Race on Dry Mississippi, which appeared in the Solar Flare anthology. It’s my first time working with Zombies Need Brains, and it was a fantastic experience. This entire book is a great read all the way through. The world could use the kind of optimism that solarpunk provides.

Race on Dry Mississippi is the story of a race that runs from the dry bed of Lake Itasca town to the muddy banks of the Minnesota River. Pike Halverson is a solar panelman taking his first go at the dangerous race with a ship of his own design. There’s a storm on the horizon, and stakes are about to get a whole lot higher.

If I were to put one work of mine up for award nominations this year, it would be The Race on Dry Mississippi. It has the mix of heart and thinky sci-fi I love to see in fiction, and the love ZMB put into it really elevated it to something I’m thrilled to see out in the world.

Nathan’s Birdfeeder (994 words)

There’s nothing better than having your work published somewhere where they include art. I love how Flash Point Science Fiction presented this fun little piece, and I hope everyone will take a look at the fun art they included with it.

Grandfather Crypto (novel)

The Old Code Series moved forward this year with the release of Grandfather Crypto. The legacy of a Russian artist becomes something far more dangerous, and Ajay needs to solve the puzzle of a groundbreaking new encryption. There are implications for the world, for Ajay, and for everyone he loves.

This continues to be my best selling series, which is fantastic because I love writing it. It gives me the excuse to delve into new, exciting technologies and extrapolate into a future that looks not too different from ours. The next book is in the works right now, and it’s been a blast.

Cascade Crash (23,000 words)

Stylized image of a bullet train and broken glass

Cascade Crash is a novella, but it’s also four connected short stories. This is another entry into the Old Code series, following Ajay’s exploits as he researches a dangerous development in children not too unlike his granddaughters.

The paperback is a fantastic little entry to this collection, but I don’t widely sell the ebook. If you want an ebook copy, you can grab one by signing up for my newsletter or purchasing from my online bookstore.

This was the very first thing I published in 2023. It’s been on the backburner a bit since the middle of the year, but it’s been a fantastic little tool for promotions. There was a lot that I experimented with when I put the paperback together for this book, and a lot of what I learned went into the production of Not Done Yet.

Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury

A city with some kind of space ship floating over it. The book cover of Not Done Yet by Anthon W. Eichenlaub

Not Done Yet: Sci-fi Stories of Wisdom and Fury is my very first short story collection. I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out and absolutely amazed at how many hardcovers went to bookstores around the world. This has a few reprints like The Soil Merchant and Escape from the Sunset Vista, but also has a new, exclusive Old Code story in The Butcher of Wabasha Street. It also contains some Metal and Men stories that my Patreon supporters might recognize (and one that only previously existed in the Metal and Men boxed set.)

Both the hardcover and paperback are out now and they’re SO pretty. I designed them to be the perfect gift for the older sci-fi fans in your lives, but also I’m so thrilled with how they turned out that I’ve ordered a bunch to lug around with me to conventions.

So long, 2023. It’s been a great year. As always, writing is both the toughest job I’ve ever had and the most fun. It has its ups and downs. It has its setbacks and thrilling successes. I’m excited about every single one of the pieces I’ve had published this year and even more excited about what’s to come.

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