2018: Short Story Reader’s Year in Review

2018 was a fantastic year for short stories, and I read SO many of them. Science Fiction and Fantasy is so full of great stories that it’s impossible to read them all, but here at the end of the year I’d like to share a few of my favorites. So, whether you’re nominating for awards or seeking something to read in your spare time between novels, these are my recommendations.

Of course, if you want my favorite novels that’s another post, as is my award eligibility post for 2018 where you can find my own 2018 publications.

Science Fiction


Ok, look. I was going to add a cute little description of each story. It was going to be clever and everything, but I really think most of these stories work better if you don’t know anything going in. Just trust me. They’re great stories.

There are LOTS more out there, too. Keep reading. Let me know if you run into anything amazing.

And, of course, if you’re interested in my more detailed write-ups on modern short stories, you can mosey on over to my Patreon.

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