Root Beer

The keg is empty and nothing is brewing.  This means it’s time for root beer.

I had a helper this time.  Isaac agreed to help me mix the syrup, clean the keg, and fill it up.

I also let him help decide what to put in it.

The process is this:   I come up with a list of things that I think might taste good in root beer.  I then, in sequence, ask him for confirmation on each ingredient.





So long as he always answers in the affirmative everything should turn out pretty good.

Here is what we came up with this time around:

1 oz Birch Root Extract

3 oz Root Beer Extract

2 lb 9 oz Sugar

“Some” Cinnamon ( we didn’t have sticks, so we used powder)

“Some” Cardamom Seeds

“A lot of” Cloves

1/2 cup Dark Molasses

1/2 cup Honey

1 Gallon Water

Boil the whole lot of it for a while to get all of the flavor out of the hard bits.  Then, let it sit until it cools down.  Mix it with a lot of water in a keg until it reaches 5 gallons.

Carbonate and enjoy.

It actually turned out pretty good.  I think the cinnamon flavor is a little strong, and Carol thinks the root beeryness of it is too much.

We’ll see if Isaac lets me put in more sugar next time.

I’m guessing he probably will.

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