Justice in an Age of Metal and Men
Texas style justice
Peace in an Age of Metal and Men
Peace comes to Texas
A bounty hunter’s gold mine











Hey, you want some stories?

  • The Girl Who Always Looked Up – A story of a girl and her sky, published in the lovely Asymmetry Fiction.
  • The Downfall of Jesse James – This story is basically a retelling of the actual historical legend with a steampunk flare.  Could there possibly be a better genre than steampunk?  I guess I’m not even sure.  It’s published in a steampunk anthology called Conquest Through Determination.  The book is a fun read.  Make sure you add some ratings to the Amazon page if you like it.  The other authors in this book deserve some credit.
  • A New Conscience – This short story was published in the third volume of Kzine, a Kindle-only digital magazine.  The story is about a criminal who is part of an experimental program that promises to give him freedom in exchange for an artificially augmented conscience.  At three whole dollars this magazine is a pretty good deal.  It contains a dangerously high concentration of strange and interesting science fiction.
  • Amazon – Visit my author profile and see everything published out there under my name.
  • Goodreads is one of my favorite places to visit when I am looking for new books to read. Now you can look there and find me and my book. Well, it’s not exactly my book. It’s a book that I contributed to a while ago. Still, I’m pretty happy about it. There will be more out there soon.
  • If you like anything you read, please proclaim its glory on the Book of FacesG+, or the Twitters.  If you don’t like it, well, just go ahead and send me an angry email.
  • Rochester MN Writers: I am now a featured author on Rochester’s best writer website. Go and check me out and spend some time browsing the works of other Rochester authors.




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